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Sea Box Energy develops, designs and builds Intermodal Heating or Refit Solutions and Energy Storage Systems for industrial and commercial companies with a creative new way to design the most advanced energy efficient system designs that will work every time, without hassle. Try out the patented NRG ZONE, easy to use, design service and make your heating ideas and projects come to life!

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Are you looking to save energy? If your business has an older heating and air conditioning system that’s driving up your energy expenses, you might be considering replacing your equipment. But what if you’re not in a financial position to take on such a large capital expense right now. We can offer you a number of leasing finance options.

Climate Change, Global Warming and other energy challenges


We work with enterprise of all sizes to provide the best energy solutions in Ireland, UK and East Coast United States. From big box stores to industrial applications, we have you covered using our patented technology.

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