5G Modular Solution

The coming of 5G wireless has carriers scrambling to deploy new capacity closer to users, the development of the 5G Modular Solution, uniquely they can also draw down a lot of electricity and generate a lot of heat that, until now, has gone nowhere but with the Sea Box Energy Commercial patent technology excess heat generated by data centers will be funneled back into a heatsink that can then be distributed to the city’s municipal heating system.

What is 5G and how will I benefit?

5G isn’t currently available to the public in the UK but soon will be. The infrastructure is currently being put in place and 5G is expected to roll out across the Ireland and the rest of the world by 2020.

Some of the key benefits of upgrading to a 5G network are:

  • Increased speeds and capacity: While audiences streaming video content on mobile devices continue to rise, demonstrated by a 233% increase in mobile video views between 2013 and 2016, the user experience is less than ideal due to issues such as buffering. This is partly due to 4G’s low download speed of 12-15Mbit/s and the lack of bandwidth 4G is capable of handling. With 5G, speeds in excess of 1Gb/s (potentially up to 10Gb/s), are possible and its increased capacity means downloading and uploading 4K and 3D video will be far easier.
  • Lower Latency: The time between clicking a link on a website and the new webpage loading is an example of latency, the lower this is the better. With current 4G response times, the delay between a request being made and the action being performed, is around 50 milliseconds which is far from ideal. 5G will usher in response times as low as 1 millisecond giving you a broadband-like experience on your mobile.
  • Improved user experience: With much faster download and upload speeds and lower latency the overall mobile user experience will vastly improve. Currently there is a noticeable difference between your experience when connected to Wi-Fi and a mobile network, 5G will change this giving a near-consistent experience across both.
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