Commercial Retrofitting Systems

Retrofitting inefficient commercial buildings is one of the smartest investments you can make.

The cost of energy waste from an old or poorly built building could be significantly impacting your bottom line or, worse, creating an unsafe indoor environment. Avoiding a potential problem could save you thousands of euros in damage repair costs. Comfort, safety, energy efficiency and preventative maintenance are among the main goals when retrofitting a commercial building. We work with designers, planners, building owners, investors and other professionals to ensure your retrofit goes smoothly and efficiently. Our in house experts can help you decide which services are most appropriate for your building.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Energy Retrofitting?

  • Improved year-round comfort
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Less drafty
  • Avoided structural damage
  • Reduced impact on the environment

Commercial Energy Retrofits

We offer a number of commercial energy retrofit services, including improved insulation, air sealing, and comprehensive analyses that outline specific steps for improving your commercial building’s energy performance.

Air-side Economizers

This technology takes advantage of outside air on cooler days to assist in cooling your space, which takes some of the load off the compressor to save energy.

Supply Fan Speed Controls

As your heating and cooling needs vary, these controls adjust the speed of the fans circulating conditioned air in your space. Regulating air movement can also reduce compressor load to save energy.

Demand-controlled ventilation adjusts both the speed of your fans and your intake of outside air based on the carbon dioxide levels in the space.

Cooling Capacity Controls

For a system that can run the compressor at varying speeds, these controls reduce the load when you don’t need the system running at full capacity. You save energy with the compressor running at a lower capacity.


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