FUTURE FOUND – A Revolutionary Patented Foundation System

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NRG Awareness Powered by Sea Box Energy is proud to offer another Cork Patented Product for energy savings Future Found is an insulated foundation system that offers a passive foundation system, ideal for adding energy savings to buildings.

This system provides the most economical and cost-efficient way to pour foundations and floors. We’ve researched many ways of less costly building methods and spent the last few years adapting Future Found to ensure lower heating bills in family homes and commercial Business from Ground Up. Our system will help you save up to 50% on materials, labour and time!

Save 50% on Materials

On an example comparison you could make a saving over traditional concrete of €3500

Save 50% on Labour

Your foundation and floor is built and finished in 2/3 days saving you labour on site

Future Found insulated foundation system

How Future Found Works

Future found is a passive foundation system and is ideal for adding to energy saving buildings

About Future Found

They have adapted and updated a system that has been in use in the USA since the 1930s, when it was first introduced by the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. We now offer an adapted foundation system suitable for Irish & UK building systems and requirements.

Cost Comparison for a 200m2 House
Traditional Foundation: concrete used = 65m3
Future Found System: concrete used = 20m3


  • Suitable for all ground conditions.
  • Suitable for all building types (ie brick /block, timber-frame etc)
  • Lowest U-values
  • Eliminates wall floor cold bridge
  • System will not diminish over time and is unaffected by water
  • Passive slab approved.

Send us your architectural plans and we will give you a detailed quotation, outlining how our system will save you money, by using less materials, labour and time!

Clay soil on your site?

Our structural engineer will design a bespoke foundation system for these ground conditions including excavation and steel design. Our aim is to achieve the most cost effective foundation system for you incorporating “Future Found System”. We will look at soil conditions and advise on the most cost effective solutions for building project.

Get in touch today to find out more about ‘Future Found’ Insulated Foundation System.