GRENKE Leasing and Equipment Finance

Sea Box Energy Commercial Powered By GRENKE Leasing Finance comprehensive all-round package: full flexibility + planning security + preferential terms = the GRENKE Master Lease Agreement. The process is just as simple as the calculation above. Try it out for yourself.

An overview of the benefits of GRENKE Leasing and Equipment Finance

Lower costs – Thanks to attractive terms based on your total line of credit enabling items to be acquired according to your requirements.

Maximum flexibility – Thanks to contracts tailored to your specific needs and to the equipment in question.

Personal advice and assistance – Thanks to personal, on-site advice from your GRENKE account manager.

Simple, efficient processes – Thanks to a one off credit check, simplified individual contracts and a clearly defined authorisation process based on named signatories.


Sea Box Energy Commercial Leasing & Finance


What are the Benefits of Equipment Finance?

Preserve Your Cashflow

Preserve Your Cashflow

As they say, Cashflow is King. Asset Finance allows you to preserve your cashflow by spreading purchases over several years, leaving your cash reserve intact. Preserving your Cashflow will allow you to:


Be Prepared for the unforseen

#1 – Be Prepared for the Unforeseen

If you spend all your money on a new machine now, you leave yourself without the cash to take up potential opportunities or to pay for unforeseen bills in the future.


React to Opportunities

#2 – React to Opportunities

Business breaks are precious. When the opportunity knocks, make sure that you have the cashflow to react to those opportunities.


Tax Efficient Means of Finance

#3 – Tax Efficient Means of Finance

By Choosing either Leasing and Hire Purchase you maximise the benefit of the equipment while still allowing your repayments to coincide with Capital allowances.


Help your Business Grow

#4 – Help Your Business Grow

You use the equipment to pay for itself over its lifetime.

For example, if you bought an extra truck, it could pay for itself over it’s useful life span giving you greater opportunity to expand your business.


Ownership through finance

#5 – You Get Complete Use of the Equipment

You get all the use of the equipment that you would get if you had to pay for it all up front. So you get all the benefits of Finance and all the use of ownership.

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