Intermodal Commercial Heating System (ICHS)

Sea Box Energy in partnership with White Crate Intermodal 170kw or 340kw Commercial Heating System (ICHS)

Ultra-efficient heat creation and distribution enclosure.

Intermodal Commercial Heating System Ease of Use

The turnkey solution retrofits with fully customizable external panels to blend into the surrounding environment.

Intermodal Commercial Heating System (ICHS)

Intermodal Commercial Heating System Base Model Key Features

  • 1x170kw or 1x340kw modulating & condensing gas boilers
  • 4x11kw (Air to Water) Heat pumps
  • Custom NRG ZONE™ Manifold
  • 4 Heating zones with 1 Domestic hot water provision zone
  • Building Management System
  • LED Efficient lighting internal and external
  • Cable trays
  • Mechanical labelling
  • Gas shut off Valve
  • Under floor 360° access provisions for connecting external piping network.
  • Plug and play electric
  • Mains power 230 V ac
  • Stainless Steel piping
  • Stainless Steel manifold

Intermodal Commercial Heating System Stainless Steel Piping and Stainless Steel Manifold

Intermodal Commercial Heating System (ICHS)

  • Boiler/Heat Pump Sequencing
  • Weather Compensation
  • Boiler Fault Alarm
  • Fuel Safety and Level Alarms
  • Hand-Off-Auto selection switches
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Auto Duty – Standby Pump Selection
  • Zone Call Indication
  • System Hi/Low Pressure Alarm
  • Gas / Oil Metering
  • Electrical Metering
  • Remote Access
  • Easy to use interface.

Custom NRG ZONE™ Manifold

  • Easily zone any heating system
  • Single or multiple heat inputs from boilers, heat pump
  • Optimise efficiency conditions for Heat Pumps, Condensing Oil or Gas Boilers and Solid Fuel Appliances and reduce costs
  • System Bypass, Neutral Point and De-aeration all built-in
  • Trouble-free with increased safety and system efficiency
  • Simple or complex systems designed in minutes

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