Meet the Sea Box Energy Team

Alan Mackesy - Business Development Executive at Sea Box Energy

Alan Mackesy

International Business Development

Corporate aviation and catering background.

Business development, marketing and management with data and market analysis of a range of sectors and start-ups. Concluded Honors degree in Business January 2018 from Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

David Rea - Director of Technical Services at Sea Box Energy

David Rea

Director of Energy Engineering Services


  • New product development
  • Bespoke heating software design
  • Bespoke energy efficient software development
  • Heating system design and specification

Background Experience

David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Higher Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. David was head of the heating/mechanical design at Energy Awareness Limited with specialised skills in Building Management Systems (BMS) and in designing bespoke software for the energy controls sector. David has been involved in the heating system design and controls sector for 12 years specialising in the control of energy efficient heating and hot water systems. David has vast experience in the design of both commercial and domestic applications throughout the country with special emphasis on energy-effective designs for installations such as hospitals and nursing homes where system accuracy and reliability are critical. David has developed and patented 2 products which are now the core products of NRG Awareness (powered by Sea Box Energy); NRG ZONE was the first product and is used to create the piping centre for connecting boilers and zones in a highly efficient way. NRG Link was second and is used to safely and efficiently interlink a solid fuel appliance with any sealed heating system.

Harry Rea - Director of R&D and Training at Sea Box Energy

Harry Rea

Director of Energy Innovations


  • New product development
  • Technical documentation
  • Training document development

Background Experience

Mr. H. Rea comes to the team with more than 40 years’ experience in the heating industry. He has successfully completed numerous research and development projects in conjunction with many leading industry manufacturers as well as his own personal patents and other products. Harry continues to develop innovative techniques but of late with a focus on training courses for the heating industry. He is currently involved with the national standard the authority of Ireland (NSAI) in the creation of installation guidelines which are to be the core of new regulations for central heating installations with a focus on system safety as well as system and fuel efficiencies. Harry was responsible for conceiving, inventing and bringing to market such products as the Aqua Zone (SystemZone) and SystemLex which are very well known for their reliability and effectiveness throughout the heating trade in both Ireland and abroad.

Patrick Hogan - Managing Director at Sea Box Energy

Patrick Hogan

Group Managing Director


Northside of Cork City native with over 15+ years’ experience as an Operations, strategist & Marketing. Helping prospects and customers make strategic decisions that have meaningful impact on their Business. Leading great sales teams as small as 2 and as large as 50. Successfully manages P&L’s, and drives attainment hitting revenue goals as high as $250M. Empowering good sales people to become great sales people leveraging traditional and non-traditional methodologies.


  • Building Solid Teams
  • Negotiating Re-seller or Partner Contracts
  • Implementing Strategic initiatives
  • Digital Marketing Innovator


  • Omni Channel & E-commerce Specialist

Serving as Managing Director for Sea Box EMEA based in City Gate, Mahon, Cork Ireland, specializes in the design, custom modification and manufacturing of ISO shipping and storage containers, refrigerated containers, containerized shelters, modular building systems, and related parts and accessories for purchase or lease. We offer standard shipping containers in various sizes as well as containers which can be customized to serve as equipment, tactical, or personnel shelters.

Leading the way with Sea Box footprint in Cork Ireland, Patrick was Appointed Managing Director and will be leading the Sea Box Energy investment in the venture with NRG Awareness within Ireland. There will be a focus on bringing it to other markets within Ireland, EMEA and United States leading the way with Digital and ecommerce platforms in January 2018.

Jim Brennan - CEO of Sea Box Energy

Jim Brennan, Jr.


Jim Brennan formed Sea Box in 1983 as a container rental and sales company. His strong leadership skills and innovative design ideas lead to the formation of a full manufacturing facility for standard and modified containers as well as an engineering department which works with customers to develop customized container designs. Jim has led the development of Sea Box’s Quadcons, Tricons, Bicons as well as expandable and collapsible containerized shelters and related logistics equipment.

Sea Box now employs 160 individuals in three facilities located in New Jersey and has become the leading small business provider of ISO containers to the U.S military.

Jim has also formed Sea Box Europe, Sea Box Asia, Sea Box International (Australia) and Sea Box Latin America.

Jim holds over 52 patents with 50+ still pending. His notable inventions include the JMIP (Joint Modular Intermodal Platform), CROP (Container Roll In-Out Pallet), Collapsible Redeployable Shelter (CRS) and Relocatable Simulation Shelter (RSS).

Jim has been a member of the ISO TC 104 Committee for many years sharing his knowledge of research and development of various products.

In August 2017 Jim as CEO of the Sea Box EMEA brand based in Cork, Ireland purchased controlling steaks in the NRG awareness company is the Chief Executive Officers for the NRG Awareness Powered By Sea Box Energy.

Coadie McCarthy - Sea Box Energy Office Manager

Coadie McCarthy

Group Business Manager

Coadie is responsible for facilitating the efficient functioning of the office and is involved in many office services such as organizing office operations and procedures; preparing payroll; controlling correspondence; designing filing systems; and assigning and monitoring clerical functions. Detailing with our business partners and other logically partners. Some of Coadie’s other roles include:


  • Manage contract and price negotiations with office vendors, service providers and office lease
  • Partner with HR to maintain office policies as necessary
  • Active administrator on core systems including meeting room booking, telephone and CRM system
  • Working on special projects with senior management including events
  • Ensuring all meeting rooms are stocked and fit for purpose and liaising with reception to ensure supplies are ordered in good time
  • Ensuring compliance of Health and Safety legislation including Fire Safety requirements, First Aid, Manual Handling
  • Responsible for creating PowerPoint presentations and formatting of documents
  • Organising and scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Marketing coordinator for global digital media and global marketing campaign
  • Implementation of Workplace by Facebook
  • Manage one member of staff and cover their duties whilst on annual leave

Jens Skjaeveland - Sea Box Energy Engineer & Technical Advisor

Jens Skjaeveland

Renewable Energy Engineer


Jens holds a Bachelor’s degree in Renewable Energy and a Master’s degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the University of Agder in southern Norway. During his studies he served as the vice president of the University of Agder branch of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE A.s.b.l.). After graduating in 2016 he worked as a Data Analyst for GlobeTech in Cork before joining the Sea Box Energy team.