Sea Box Energy Intermodal Heat Recycling System

In today’s society, we are seeing an increased focus on energy saving and emission reduction across the globe. This can be done in a wide variety of ways like reducing energy demand or increasing the ratio of renewable energy.

An important way of reducing energy demand is to decrease energy waste. Many processes in our modern world produce large amounts of heat as a by product. This heat is often vented into the atmosphere instead of being utilized. At Sea Box Energy we aim to recover this waste heat and turn it into usable energy in the form of hot water. This will let businesses utilize the heat they have already spent resources and energy on generating.



Sea Box Energy Intermodal Heat Recycling System


Sea Box Energy can build a custom heat recovery unit which will take the hot exhaust air from a building or process and use it to heat water with the help of heat pumps.

The heat pumps will strip the hot air of its energy at a very high efficiency and use this energy to heat water. The water can then be used according to the customers wish. Some examples of uses are to heat the user’s premises or to sell the heated water to a district heating system.

Some examples of buildings or processes that produce a large amount of hot exhaust air are:

  • Data Centers
  • Battery Parks
  • Industrial Processes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration

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