Sea Box Energy Project Management

Sea Box Energy offers a full suite of Project Management Services

Succeed With Reliable Experience

With almost 40 years experience in the heating industry Sea Box Energy personnel have a long established record of successful projects to their credit.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

We understand customers’ needs and with an up-to-date familiarity with existing and innovative new products and services in system design and development of energy efficient comfort-generating control systems, boiler management and heat emission technologies.

Full Range of Domestic/Commercial Services

The Sea Box Energy team is uniquely positioned to provide vital customer orientated design service assistance to focus installations on thermal satisfaction in new build and retrofit heating system design.

Installation Support and Technical Guidance

Sea Box Energy provides the critical consulting and knowledge transfer services in new-design and upgrading of all forms of ‘wet systems’ heating designs to new and established players in the main phases of: Proposal/Quotations materials; System Design; and Installation support phases of heating and Hot Water projects.

Complete Heating System Project Management

The Sea Box Energy team can provide the key experience, technology and expertise required by the owners and installers alike at each stage of the central heating project from quotation and design to installation stages to maximize satisfaction.

Reducing System Installation and Running Costs

Working with Sea Box Energy concentrates the project installation team on investment in the critical tasks at each stage as well as maximising effectiveness. We work collaboratively with each of the client’s selected installers to ensure focus on the critical aspects of each phase of the project development process with customer satisfaction and energy awareness as the ultimate goals.