Sea Box Energy delivers fully pre-designed, pre-assembled turkey solutions for containerized HVAC applications

Specializing in creating patented bespoke solutions with over 40 years’ experience developing, designing & building in this sector.

Our commercial Heating Systems promote ease of use, turnkey solution retrofits with fully customizable external panels to blend into the surrounding environment. It is an ultra-efficient heat creation & distribution enclosure.

Other included items include cable trays, mechanical labeling, gas shut off valve, plug & play electric, stainless steel piping.

Benefits of these solutions are the reduced cost by removing the need for complicated piping and wiring and by minimizing wiring on-site, it allows for 360 degree access provisions for connecting an external piping network

The solution boasts hand-off selection switches, Boiler/Heat Pump Sequencing, Gas/Oil Metering, Weather Compensation, System Hi/Low Pressure Alarm, Time & Temperature Control to name a few.

Please find below the extensive list of benefits & Specs.

  • Weather Compensation
  • Boiler Fault Alarm
  • Fuel Safety and Level Alarms
  • Hand-Off-Auto selection switches
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Auto Duty – Standby Pump Selection
  • Zone Call Indication
  • System Hi/Low Pressure Alarm
  • Gas/Oil Metering
  • Electrical Metering
  • Remote Access
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Boiler/Heat Pump Sequencing


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