DCSS Add-On Products

Security Entry Vestibule for Data Centre Sustainable Solution (DCSS)

  • The DCSS Security Vestibule precludes visual observation and enhances acoustic protection. The vestibule provides an easy-to-install solution for open storage capability by providing entrapment and interlocked doors with audio/video monitors and the ability to add an access card reader
  • Interlocked Doors (with DCSS Primary Door)
  • Provisions provided for External Mounted Access Card Reader and Intrusion Detection System
  • Exterior/Interior LED Lighting
  • Access controlled lock
  • SECURITY ENTRY VESTIBULE FOR Data Centre Sustainable Solution (DCSS)

Passive Hallway for Connecting Data Centre Sustainable Solution (DCSS)

Hallway to connect Data Centre Sustainable Solution. Doorways on each end with passive hardware to allow access between the two shelters

  • Steel Frame and Insulated, Smooth Wall Panels
  • 20’x 9.5′ x 8′ Hallway
  • Emergency Egress Door on One Side
  • Passive Door Hardware
  • Two Butting Kits to Connect Hallway to DCSS and Create a Weather-tight Seal
  • Four 200mph Rated Deck Mount Plates & Anchor Kits
  • Two LED Lights with Occupancy Sensor
  • Includes two DCSS Wall Panels with Doorways to Connect Shelters

Set Up Services for Data Centre Sustainable Solution (DCSS)

Part Number: SBE3897.RSS.4S.SETUP

Excludes travel costs

  • Pre-installation site survey and preparation of Site Survey Report
  • Provide and operate required material handling tools and equipment (Forklifts, Crane, Dumpster and Man Lift)
  • Unloading DCSS components from truck and positioning in place on site
  • Surveying and shimming shelter site
  • Erecting all DCSS components/structures including, but not limited to: roof(s), bracing, paneling, platforms, hatches, ladders, etc.
  • Positioning and connecting frame structures
  • Positioning and connecting external components including, but not limited to: wall panel(s), ECU, platforms, ducting, lighting, etc
  • Installing and connecting internal components including ductwork, electrical system, lighting, etc.
  • Anchoring shelter to concrete pad
  • Onsite acceptance testing

Data Centre Sustainable Solution (DCSS) Add-On


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