Sea Box Energy provides a wide range of IT infrastructure options for the commercial and residential sector. These options range from site to site secure networking, customer facing internet solutions, commercial / industrial grade wireless and beamed networking solutions, and high efficiency (GREEN) networked lighting solutions.

Site to Site Secure (WAN) Networking

Ubiquiti offers a range of products for establishing secure site to site connections between disparate locations. These can be either large, midsized, or small offices, home offices, or cloud services.

Customer / Employee Facing Internet Networking

Ubiquiti offers highly customizable Internet networking for reaching your customers. These can be guest internet connections for high traffic locations, dedicated internet services for long term clients, or secure employee internet solutions for mobile needs.

Commercial / Industrial Grade Wireless & Beamed Networking

Ubiquiti offers high performance commercial / industrial grade wireless & beamed network solutions. These solutions provide the flexibility to extend your network across difficult deployments. This enhances the reach of your network your network and maximizes your infrastructure investment.

High Efficiency (GREEN) Networked Lighting

Ubiquiti offers the very latest in high efficiency LED networked lighting. Networked lighting makes the lighting of your business an extension of the network, being fully POE, capable of integration with your security system, and fully manageable from one user interface. Networked lighting is the next step in GREEN technology.

VOIP Phone Solutions

VOIP phone solutions provide the ability for firms to push the configuration, support, and management of their phone system into the cloud, without sacrificing functionality. This provides all the major features common to traditional phone solutions, without the need for expensive IT personnel. These include advanced call routing and management, call center functions, and call recording & reporting. Each of these functions can be added or removed as the business grows or restructures, with a costs structure that adapts to the business.

VOIP Call Routing & Management

A VOIP solution offers your business full customization in call routing and management. This includes routing to available employees across the business, prioritization of call traffic, and even routing to mobile devices as needed or in the event of an emergency.

VOIP Call Center Functions

A VOIP solution provides your business with a complete call center suite of functions to support the need of your inbound or outbound call center. Your business will be able to fully utilize the resources of your team and maximize the effectiveness of each rep. A well designed and implemented VOIP call center solution can take your business to the next level.

VOIP Call Recording & Reporting

A VOIP solution can enable your business to record and monitor the calls coming into your business, so you can more effectively train your employees and mitigate risk. The solution also offers unparalleled reporting on call activity and general statistics. These can both be used to continually enhance the effectiveness of your team and their time on calls.

VOIP Costs Flexibility

A VOIP solution provides the costs flexibility of a cloud service with the customization and personalization of an on-premises solution. A VOIP solution can grow and change with you and scale up or down as the needs and goals of your business change.

Access & Security Solutions

Access & security solutions have changed greatly over the years as technology has improved and competition has increased. The days of having a legacy solution that works solely on assigned cards or fobs with a legacy PC running a standalone app are long gone. Today businesses expect a flexible solution that works with the business and utilizes the latest technology available. From NFC and Bluetooth access controls that work with your employee’s phone, to licenses plate and facial recognition cameras, businesses are demanding better systems for their security along with greater control. A Netgrade access and security solution can provide this solution and give your business peace of mind.

Access Control

A Netgrade access control solution can secure each of your points of entry and high security areas with an NFC / Bluetooth access panel that leverages your employee’s mobile phone. This solution can be tied to an IP camera system for point in time pictures of anyone accessing the location. The solution also allows for legacy cards and fobs for businesses not utilizing mobile phone integration. This solution is fully cloud based, so the business can monitor and modify security from anywhere.

License Plate & Facial Recognition

A Netgrade access control solution can be deployed with license plate and facial recognition cameras to fully monitor access point and high security areas. These cameras can read and remember thousands of plates and faces and quickly approve or notify security personnel when there is breach or person of interest identified by the system.

Control4 Home & Business Automation Solutions

Home and business automation solutions offer control of your home or business’s smart devices from a name you can trust. Control4 has been a proven leader in home and business automation for nearly two decades, pushing the limits of what is possible in the field, and providing quality solutions. From lighting and outlet automation, to media, to security options, Control4 offers solutions.

Automated Lighting & Outlets

Control4 offers robust solutions for automating your lighting and outlets across your home or business. These can be set to standard lighting levels for rooms or common areas, highly customized lighting for televisions viewing, or late-night snack raids. With outlet automation, you can set any outlet in your home or business to on or off as needed all with the power of your mobile device.

Media Solutions

Control4 offers control and publishing of your media across any room and device within your home or business. From every room music solutions to routing video content Control4 can do it all.

Security Solutions

Control4 offers complete home security solutions. These solutions unify your home security camera and window / door monitoring units into one complete solution that looks out for you and your family.


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