Sea Box Energy’s Technology has vast experience in the provision of modern energy efficient solutions

With our expert knowledge and unique patented systems, Sea Box Energy can develop district heating systems to fit the clients’ demands. We can design smaller district heating systems using a containerized plant room or larger systems with a more permanent structure for heat generations.

A district heating system works by having the heat generation in a central location with insulated distribution pipework going to multiple heat users such as dwellings or commercial premises. The heat users take heat from the distribution pipework when needed and they only pay for the energy they use. The centralized plant room can have multiple heat sources such as heat pumps, gas boilers, oil boilers, biomass boilers or a combination of them. In a district heating the heat generation is run and maintained by professionals so the heat users never have to worry about anything. A good district heating system will result in high reliability for the heat users and reduced energy wastage and emissions for the district compared to multiple individual installations.

District Heating SimulationAttribution goes to “Laura Toffetti, DensityDesign Research Lab”.

District Heating System PipesAuthor: Dependability

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