Sea Box Energy’s Technology has vast experience in the provision of modern energy efficient solutions

District Energy is a cost-effective and ultra-energy efficient distribution of hot water or steam through insulated dual (supply and return) pipe lines to serve commercial, residential, institutional and industrial energy needs for space heating, hot water, space cooling and industrial purposes.

Rapid on-site installation of the core system elements that are essential to satisfy the requirements for an effective central heating facility in a uniquely simple and safe way, eliminating all of the complications involved from system concept decisions through to implementation stage with a special emphasis on user-friendliness and minimum maintenance.

At the heart of the plant is the Sea Box Energy patented and highly innovative technology that is structured to receive incoming central heating and fresh water supplies which is then processed by the integral equipment to output accurate weather compensated central heating circuits and temperature controlled domestic hot water.


What is an energy management system?


Key Points of Sea Box District Energy System

  • One SBE District system will provide the necessary heating & domestic hot water to operate 4 blocks each with 192 beds.
  • As compared to conventional systems, the SBE District E costs 30% less to install & can be completed in half the time.
  • Our patented system eases both design and construction problems through inherent integration, prefabrication, and simplified layout.
  • Pipework layout is simplistic and straight forward.


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