‘Making More Possible’ with Sea Box Energy Financial Solutions

Sea Box Financial Solutions powered with our partners Grenke & Linked allows business of all sizes to reach their goals without the concern of running into road blocks along the way.

Our aim, with our partners, is to connect a community of leaders in business. Forget the banks. You receive low interest loans to finance your business needs and they make a fair return on their investment. A win-win situation.

Criteria incudes; 2 years trading and plans in place to grow your business

What We Offer:

  • Commercial Loans
  • Lease Hire
  • Working Capital
  • Investment Loans
  • Business loan up to €300,000 or leasing up to €500,000


  • Lower Costs – Attractive terms
  • Maximum Flexibility – Contacts tailored to your specific needs
  • Personal Advice and Assistance – Personal on-site Advice
  • Simple and Efficient Processes – One off credit checks, simplified authorization processes
  • Easy: Apply for your business solution today;
  • Receive your quote within 72 business hours