James Geary - BMS Manager – Specializing in Automation

James Geary

BMS Manager – Specialising in Automation


  • Bespoke Automation Software Application Engineering
  • Bespoke Electrical Control Panel Design
  • Process Engineering
  • 10 years’ service with NRG Awareness (Powered by Sea Box Energy) in conjunction with the NRG Manifold.,
  • HVAC/BMS and Automation Systems Integrator
  • Experience in design, installation and maintenance of UPS Systems (uninterp..)
  • Complex System Integration
  • Research and Development Projects
  • Electrical Consultant


Mr J. Geary holds over a 22 year career where he specializes in areas such as Skid Automation Design & Installation, Fault Finding, System Integration to name a few. James has had experience in numerous sectors including Control Panel Design Manufacturing, Food & Beverage electrical solutions, Pharmaceutical & Commercial applications throughout Ireland. James emphasises his affiliation with quality and above all else strong customer service and support.

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