Jim Brennan - CEO of Sea Box Energy

Jim Brennan, Jr.


Jim Brennan formed Sea Box in 1983 as a container rental and sales company. His strong leadership skills and innovative design ideas lead to the formation of a full manufacturing facility for standard and modified containers as well as an engineering department which works with customers to develop customized container designs. Jim has led the development of Sea Box’s Quadcons, Tricons, Bicons as well as expandable and collapsible containerized shelters and related logistics equipment.

Sea Box now employs 160 individuals in three facilities located in New Jersey and has become the leading small business provider of ISO containers to the U.S military.

Jim has also formed Sea Box Europe, Sea Box Asia, Sea Box International (Australia) and Sea Box Latin America.

Jim holds over 52 patents with 50+ still pending. His notable inventions include the JMIP (Joint Modular Intermodal Platform), CROP (Container Roll In-Out Pallet), Collapsible Redeployable Shelter (CRS) and Relocatable Simulation Shelter (RSS).

Jim has been a member of the ISO TC 104 Committee for many years sharing his knowledge of research and development of various products.

In August 2017 Jim as CEO of the Sea Box EMEA brand based in Cork, Ireland purchased controlling steaks in the NRG Awareness company and is the Chief Executive Officer for the NRG Awareness Powered By Sea Box Energy brand.

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