Patrick Hogan - Managing Director at Sea Box Energy

Patrick Hogan

Group Managing Director


Northside of Cork City native with over 17+ years’ experience as an operations and marketing strategist. Helping prospects and customers make strategic decisions that have meaningful impact on their business. Leading great sales teams as small as 2 and as large as 50. Successfully manages P&L’s, and drives attainment hitting revenue goals as high as $250M. Empowering good sales people to become great sales people leveraging traditional and non-traditional methodologies.


  • Building Solid Teams
  • Negotiating Re-seller or Partner Contracts
  • Implementing Strategic initiatives
  • Digital Marketing Innovator
  • Omni Channel & E-commerce Specialist

Leading the way with Sea Box footprint in Cork Ireland, Patrick was appointed Managing Director and will be leading the Sea Box Energy investment in the venture with NRG Awareness within Ireland. There will be a focus on bringing it to other markets within Ireland, EMEA and United States leading the way with Digital and ecommerce platforms in January 2018. Patrick Hogan is Group Managing Director of the Sea Box Group – FDI company based in Cork started in 2016 with Sea Box Inc New Jersey. Sea Box EMEA specialises in the design, custom modification and manufacturing of ISO shipping and storage containers, refrigerated containers, containerised shelters, and modular building systems. Some of their clients include NASA, US Military along with subcontractors Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Dell, PODs and Amazon to name a few. Sea Box Energy develops, designs and builds Intermodal Heating or Refit Solutions and Energy Storage Systems for industrial and commercial companies. Working with enterprises of all sizes to provide the best energy solutions in EMEA and East Coast United States. From big box stores to industrial applications – having you covered using our patented technology. And soon launching a number of ecommerce business sites based out of Cork.

NRG Store Marketplace is an eCommerce platform owned and operated by Sea Box Group that enables other party sellers to sell new products for the building and energy sector. Focusing on beginning a new world in online home building and renovation for a fixed-price.

Smart Builder Smart Builder Program on NRG Store will allow customers looking to do high-end retrofitting within an online system anytime, day or night, with the NRG Store. Featured in Business & Finance Magazine.

Winner of Hi Style Magazine Most Stylish Man 2018.

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